Kennel de Innerlijke Kracht

Breeder of Finnish Lapphunds and Hovawarts


On april 17,2016 I visited two of Shufai's sons. They are now 8 months old. They are very different in appearance as Sulo is the biggest one and Sisu the smallest male

of this particular litter. They both doing very well and see each other reguarly on walks. They are very sweet and social dogs and real buddies :)


I am thrilled to annouce that Shufai and Ivy (Ilosanoma du Royaumes du Grand Nord) had a mating at the January 4 and 5 ,2016 and we hope to expect puppies in March :)


On December 27, we had a fun puppyreunion with all puppies participating and also mom and dad were there. The puppies are about 5 months old now and are very active and cool puppies. Can wait to see them further develop!





I am exited to announce that Shufai and the lovely Tahti (lapinluna's Lapintahti) had a mating on December 12,2015. We hope to expect puppies around

Mid February ,2016. Tahti lives currently in Norway with Jonna Almenas (kennel Born to Rule) and is co-owned by the Taigakoira kennels in Australia.










On December 12 , Siru daughter of Shufai particpated in her first show and got the qualification ''very promising""

Congratulations to Jenni tupi , owner of Siru. Also

big thanks to Leon Scholten for this beautifull picuture!













On november 8, 4 puppies of Shufai and Niisku were present a the by the Finnish Lapphund walk in Ermelo.

There are 3 months old now and I was very delighted to see that every one of them doing so well :)





On august 8, 2015 Shufai became a daddy of 7 lovely puppies. They are  doing great and all moved to their new families.


On august 23,  2014 Shufai became Best Male and Best of Breed at the International Dogshow in Mechelen. A few comments of the Judge were: excellent coat quality, nice temperament and perfect bone. 







On November 2, 2014 Shufai's son Arvo(Lumilapsen Elmeri)became best junior and best of breed of the International show Bleiswijk in the Netherlands. Congratulations to Silvester Kaaskoek owner of Arvo!


I am excited to anounce the planning of the litter in the beginning of 2015 between Shufai and Niisku(owner Jenni Tuppi) Niisku is a very lovely female with a gentle character. 

For more information about this litter please contact Jenni Tuppi or check